How to hook into an event in theme?

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Is there a way to create an addon, so I can hook into event "AfterSignIn"? Is there a code example to do so?

I want to test something like, after user logs in, php runs die('testing') :)



  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    I've just created a simple and quite useless starter plugin, that you can use to get going.

    In that plugin you have to create a new method. If you read through the documentation you might find a pargraph about events. Since "AfterSignIn" is fired in the EntryController, you need to insert a method called "entryController_afterSignIn_handler".

    Instead of dumping like you've planned to, I would recommend something less drastic which would require to have phpMyAdmin or similar opened in parallel.

    public function entryController_afterSignIn_handler($sender, $args) {
       Gdn::set('Debug', dbencode(array_keys($args)));

    That would write a line to the GDN_UserMeta table where you can look up what happened without interrupting the login process.

    $args are all the EventArguments that are filled before the event is fired. If you want to handle something, those args are most probably of interest for you.

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