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BlackDiamond 1.0.2

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Guess style discussions go here in addons too ? *shrug* Anyways, BlackDiamond 1.0.2 is out. Any feedback on bits i missed are welcomed :) Its got: Good contrast links/content. Its clean and clear Its simple. Nothing fancy. Stays crunchy in milk. Linq: Yay / Nay ? If you ppl like it, i'll rustle up a few more. Well, at least 1 anyways. Changelog: 1.0.2 -Fix quotes(included css file) -Fix user tags -Fix Inline image formatting (included css file)


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    Thanks for the style .. I know that some people will like it
    Personally .. I don't like black stuff ...
    BTW when you save a setting in "settings" the dialogue that says "your settings were saved successfully" seems that you forgot about it ...
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    nice style! 2 comments though:
    1) code blocks are unreadable
    2) the comments box clashes with the black.
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    I am not sure what I might be doing wrong, but I can't get the style to work... There weren't any speacial instructions for installing it. I installed it like any other style.
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    I knew i'd miss something, I'll sort out the code blocks and 'save' messages. The comments box im not sure I can alter much but I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the comments guys. If you see more dont hesitate to poke :) audiophreak: you just put the new folder right next to the 'default' folder as instructed in the styles and themes documentation. Same as any other style really. You need to enable it in the admin setup. Then just turn it in in the user account page thingy. If its in the right place, it will automatically be listed and available to choose (simply click the preview picture with 'blackdiamond' written across it). Clicking the preview will activate it. Easy peasy :)
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    Updated the style to 1.0.1 now fixed the above mentioned: code block system messages message entry brightness/contrast Should be a bit easier on the eye now when typing messages etc. See what you think :)
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    I think it's very nice work, but I have grown fond of the theme "green" for my preference. I do think a theme of colors like the following page would be nice:, and easy on the eyes. Once I get my site up and running ...

    Keep up the great work!
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    Hey, I like the header and so forth, but im not too sure of the multiple colours for the headers, content and quoted text too.

    I may go for a more Mac/iPod style next. Though I am unable to do any nice 'glass' style graphics. I suck at graphics to be honest :x
    So unless I come across an incredibly simple PS tutorial for making glass effects in like 10 seconds, I'll have to stick to css'ing it all :)
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    Quick update. Updated BlackDiamond with css files for quote and inline images extensions. Will probably do some proper readme and comments in the files themselves if I get time. Upload coming tomorrow (around lunch time UK) My lady has requested I do a purple one next *sigh*. Mac/iPod style will have to wait. So watch out for PurpleHaze ;-)
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    edited September 2006
    Update uploaded and available. check first post for changelog. added readme worth reading (how rare!) and optional css files for other extensions. Now doing the purple one for the girlies :P
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    Yay for the girlies! Purple being my favourite colour. :)
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