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No theme editing

Hello everyone,

I've installed vanilla yesterday manually. Everything is working fine except i don't have anything about html or css customization.

But as it is refered in your documentation i should have a Customize Theme button. Does anyone know why i don't have it?





  • Customize theme is available for the cloud/paid/vanilla hosted forums.

    Take a look at the cssedit and htmledit addons.

  • Thank you really much for the info 😉

  • Yw.

    For the record I should also direct you at this :

  • charrondevcharrondev Developer Lead (PHP, JS) Montreal Vanilla Staff

    To elaborate a little bit more here:

    You aren’t missing anything by not having those plugins. The entire reason they exist is because clients on Vanilla cloud that are not in the enterprise tier are on shared hosting.

    Vanilla themes have so many capabilities that it’s not feasible from a security standpoint to allow customers in a shared environment to author their own custom themes.

    Custom Theme Plug-in limitations

    • Can only update the master view. No partials allowed.
    • Only 1 CSS file allowed.
    • No css preprocessing (sass, autoprefixer, etc).
    • Very limited version control (got is much better than the revision history it has).
    • No theme hooks.


    Use custom themes if your hosting Vanilla yourself or running Vanilla Cloud Enterprise. They’re so much better.

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