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How to fix translations & locale issues?

I added Finnish language to my Vanilla installation, and there are a few issues.

First, the Facebook login box is scrambled, because the text is too long. Where can I change this?

Second problem I noticed is with the breadcrumb navigation, where the Scandic letters are not rendered correctly (Syöte becomes Syöte) I saw this in some other places as well, but could not find it right now. I wonder if this is encoding issue, as the ä's and ö's are displayed ok elsewhere (as you can see in the screenshot).


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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    For the facebook button I guess you would have to make some CSS adjustments. The CSSEditor allows to easily toy around with, though you need some basic CSS knowledge.

    I tried to recreate that profile problem, but whenver I look at the breadcrumbs of an user the order is Home \ User Name \ Activity, Discussions etc.

    In your screenshot I would assume it translates to Home \ Profile \ User Name. Which page exactly are you looking at?

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    I thought I could make a shorter translation for the Facebook button. But I'm not sure where to do this?

    The profile locale problem appears at Home › Profile › Activity or mydomain.com/forum/profile/username

    Thanks for your reply :)

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    charrondevcharrondev Developer Lead (PHP, JS) Montreal Vanilla Staff

    You can create a locale file in a theme or plugin to override a specific translation string.

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    Thanks charrondev, I'll try that.

    Could the ä and ö problem be because of the locale file site_core.php has garbled Scandinavian letters as well:

    $Definition['%1$s was removed from the %2$s %3$s and added to the %4$s %5$s.'] = '%1$s poistettiin kohteesta %2$s %3$s ja lisättiin kohteeseen %4$s %5$s. ';

    $Definition['%1$s wrote on %4$s %5$s.'] = '%1$s kirjoitti %4$s %5$s.';

    $Definition['%3$s approved %2$s membership application.'] = '%3$s hyväksyi jäsenen %2$s rekisteröitymisen.';

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