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There is no "New Discussion" Button on my vanilla forums website.

On my website, http://www.flare-mc.ml/en-us/forums There is no New Discussion Button neither a new Category Button. Please someone help me.


FlareMC Minecraft Server Owner and CEO


  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Hard to debug... Try if you can add a category or a discussion if you access the corresponding url directly:




    That way you can tell if it is a permission problem or a theme problem (or something similar)

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    @R_J Thanks and by the way I havent finished the US site but the UK site has the vanilla forums. I tried the second link you gave and I am able to make a new discussion but there is no button. I am using Vanilla Keystone Theme. There still no new discussion button.

    UK Site: flare-mc.ml/en-uk/forums/ (works better than US site and has FOrum)

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    If you can create a new discussion, you should see the button. If you do not see it, I assume you have a CSS problem. Try if the problem persists if you use the default CSS of keystone and deactivate any custom plugin (any plugin that is not shipped with Vanillas zip file)

    I cannot see the button on your page because I have no account.

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    @R_J Just for this situation, I can provide you with a moderator account on my website so you can help me figure it out.

    Account Username:...

    Account Email:...

    Account Password...

    Website for account use: http://flare-mc.ml/en-uk/forums/

    if you will destroy my website, forum, emails or, any domain related item, I will report you to vanilla abuse and then you will get demoted. Hopefully you dont do it, if you're nice.


    Just to let you know, login before 8AM GMT and then notify me at GMT time. as i dont want to wake up at 1 am if you are in a different time zone. (Well, Your time zone is 1 hour ahead of me, so basically you can write yes at 8:00 AM at your local time and ill basically receive the "yes" at 7:00 AM straight)

    @R_J also sorry for all the hustle. Ill try to do my best to do this a fast as possible and not kill your time.

    I only have plugins from the Vanilla plugins page. But, I didnt see any "New Discussion" Buttons even before I installed ANY of the plugins.

  • By the way, @R_J what theme does the vanillaforums.com website use ? I really like it.

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    You must be joking. You are posting credentials to the public and are threatening me in case they get abused?

    I've deleted the information from your comment already, because a) it has been a very bad idea to put them here, b) you are not able to remove the comment by yourself EVEN IF YOU USE UPPER CASE LETTERS and c) I'm not interested in supporting you under this conditions.

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    And you expected me to solve your problem between 12 AM and 8 AM? From which planet are you visiting us?

  • @R_J Im visiting you from Mars. Now just please stop questioning me about where I live because in Mars the time zon is like +92 Hours and how is earth like ?

    Anyways pls just help and log into that account.

  • @R_J I'd only like to threaten you if YOU do something wrong, not someone else. I can see where your location is on your profile so i can identify the IP address the Login details are being used. So, I wouldnt blame you if someone else from another IP used my other account.

  • Fine, Ill PM you with the credentials.

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