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VanillaStats change the start date

RexChienRexChien New
edited May 2019 in Vanilla 2.0 - 2.8

I want to change the default start date in my VanillaStats plugin but it seems not work

I found the value defined in the vanillastats.js of /plugins/VanillaStats/js/

if (range[key] === null) {
               // defaults
               if (key === 'to') {
                   // eod yesterday
          = moment().subtract(1, 'days').endOf('day').toDate();
               if (key === 'from') {
                   // 1 year from eod yesterday
                   range.from = moment().subtract(1, 'days').subtract(1, 'years').endOf('day').toDate();

I tried to modify the default value to range.from = moment().set('days',27).set('month',4).set('year',2019).toDate();

But it is not work after my modification.

Did I miss any step after I modified it ?


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