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Working or not working?

This discussion is related to the Unread Category Photo addon.

Does UnreadCategory work for anyone?

The option to add a unread photo is added in Edit category in dashboard but the photo does not change in category view on forum.

Tried with:

  • VF 2.8.1 and 2.8.3
  • Theme Keystone(couple of variants), Bootstrap, Embed-friendly and Bitter sweet
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  • Thanks for trying out my plugin. This was last tested in 2.6 but afaik nothing major has changed regarding the categories.

    Which one does it always show? read or unread? What does the CSS class say?

    Does it work when you manually mark a category as read?

  • It always shows read, it never changes.


    I assume the part about marking read manually, was relevant in the case it always showed as unread.

    I also assume neither image-format nor resolution makes a difference - ie if an image can be used as regular category image it can be used as unread-photo (To prevent any potential misunderstanding: ofc not same image set as both at same time).

  • Came to think whether you meant what CSS class the category photo show or the content of it

    .CategoryPhoto {
        max-height: 64px;

    <a href="//" class="Item-Icon PhotoWrap PhotoWrap-Category">
    <img src="" class="CategoryPhoto" alt="x"></a>

    Category with unread comments(Categroy_3) vs category with only read comments(Category_2) looks like this

    <li id="Category_3" class="Item Alt Category-x Item-Category-x Depth2 Depth-2 Mine Unread">
    <li id="Category_2" class="Item Category-x2 Item-Category-x2 Depth2 Depth-2 Mine Unread">

  • I'll look into it once I update all plugins for the next version. However if both categories have the same CSS-class, it's most likely one of the various bugs affecting read/unread categories. This plugin just uses that info from Vanilla.

  • Whoa, it was opened 4 years ago? (I did notice the label Hold was removed and Bug added instead 5 months ago)

    @Bleistivt thank you for the info/answer.

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