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Registration: Connect only results in 404

Greetings all,

I opened a ticket on the official GitHub but due to the nature of the issue I was advised to post my issue here as it may not indeed a bug (tho not sure I did anything wrong.)

Anyhow for the curious the original issue can be found here

I am using the 3.0 RC1 release and cannot confirm the issue exists in previous releases, per the GitHub link (above) this is my first go around with Vanilla so as such my knowledge on it's inner workings is not quite the best.

In a nutshell I have Facebook, Twitter, Google Auth (the new one not the G+ one) all up and running, these work fine. However when I enable Connect under Membership -> Registration users clicking the Registration link are now presented with a 404 which per again GitHub (still above) sends the user (again 404) to entry/register?Target=discussions rather than a modal box with social sign-ins or a page that does likewise.

  1. normal registration (Basic) works fine
  2. all SSO options appear to be working fine under all other modes
  3. pretty urls are enabled (configured)

I was unsure if I should have posted this in Development on here in 2.8 since no 3.0 category exists as of yet #showmercy



  • I believe you should set your config to Garden.Registration.Method = 'Basic' because that is how you want users to register for your forum. If they want to connect via google or facebook or whatever they will be able to do it.

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