Novice here, apologies. Allowing HTML in PageDescription

So in category lists the CategoryDescription allows HTML (specifically I simply need a <br> tag). This is great.

But when this CategoryDescription is mapped to the P PageDescription at the top of a category HTML is stripped and my description looks like crap again.

I looked in various files where this might be happening and experimented with a few changes, but simply cannot find the function that is sanitizing the string. Closest I got was removing htmlFilter() (in applications/vanilla/views/discussions/index.php line 13) but removing it seemingly has no effect.

Would anyone please be able to point me in the right direction?


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    Just tested it with Vanilla 3.0 and the Keystone theme. It looks as expected if I put a <br> in the description. The br tag is still there on /categories/general in p.PageDescription. Or have you been talking of another url?

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    Thanks for looking into it for me! I really appreciate it! Yeah I'm using 3.0.1 with keystone theme.

    I just noticed before coming back here that it is working on discussion views, but where I was experiencing the issue was "Nested" view. I can confirm it is still happening for nested views.


    • Forum topic (nested) <br> doesn't work
      • Sub forum (discussion) <br> works
      • Sub forum (discussion) <br> works
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