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CSS listing?

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Is there a listing of where all the css files are for are the separate parts of vanilla?

I'm currently looking for the h2 for the Terms of Service... (but I'm sure I'll be looking for something else later).

I like this customization thing... Check out what I've done so far (just the login panel).

Also, I want to add a link back to my homepage on the login panel. What is the best way of going about doing that? I'm just starting to learn a little about the definitions and very little about php...


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    You could save a bit of data (though only small, but it adds up) by moving the images you link in the css file, to the same folder as the css file, and change the css from this:
    #Form {
    background: url( repeat-y;

    to this:

    #Form {
    background: url('loginBody.jpg') repeat-y;

    I know its not much, but if you're planning to make alot more customisations using images and so on, it can reduce the size of the css file which _everyone_ downloads when viewing the pages. It all adds up :)

    The CSS for h2 on the Terms of Service page is in the /forum/termsofservice.php page itself. Its a self contained page mostly.
    Edit that pages CSS directly and you're good :)
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    Hmm, I just thought it might be cool to add a wiki page and list all the css for Vanilla and describe each part.
    However, I can neither sign in nor register on the wiki to make the above page. ho hum.
    Perhaps it'll be fixed soon and we can form some reference material.
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    Okay, now...

    I'm using the base theme to change the way my site looks. The problem I have run into is that the signout page uses the /forum/themes/vanilla/styles/default/people.css file. Where do I change which css file it looks for? Everything else has worked fine so far...
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    That would be line 68 of the appg/init_people.php file. But its a very bad idea to change the core files of Vanilla themselves.
    Can your needs not be satisfied by simply copying the existing default theme or style and creating a new one, and altering that instead ?

    What needs to be done that cannot be done within the existing stylesheets ? if you dont mind my asking..

    Sorry for poking, just curious.
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    No problem for the poking. I actually want to do what you suggest, I just don't know where to do it...

    I want to edit the screen that shows up when you sign out of a forum. When I view the html of that page, it says the css file that it refers to is the main vanilla default one, although I am using the base one... I hope that makes sense... I downloaded the base css file and am editing that.

    I am going about and editing everything (so is that making a new theme?) If so, do I just need to create a new folder called "neatnewthemename" and add it to the theme folder? If so, how do I edit that page I was talking about?
    -Confused Brian
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