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Summer/Fall 2019 Roadmap & Development

charrondevcharrondev Developer Lead (PHP, JS)Montreal Vanilla Staff

I understand these kind of announcements have been kind of ad-hoc in the past, but I'd like to do them more frequently in the future. My intention is to outline in broad strokes what features and parts of the framework we'll be working on in the next few months.

Warning: These notes are not a guarantee of any particular version number or release date. It just represents some of our development goals. In particular any of these numbered releases may be broken up or shifted if we make an extra release.

Primary Goals

  • Add some small new features.
  • Clear our Low/Medium security backlog.
  • Wrap up various on-going technical projects.

Vanilla 3.2

ETA End of July

Vanilla 3.3

This one likely won't be clarified until after a few more product team meetings.

Rich Editor

  • Alt-text for images.
  • Better handling of embeds on mobile devices.


The team has been doing a lot of work over the last few months on a new base controller, and static routing system. A lot of the interface and classes used here are already development but may change between now and the release where they are publicly documented.

Builtin Docker Images

Vanilla currently has a project, vanilla-docker that is used for all of our team's development environment. These images are planned to be moved into the core repo, and have all dependencies placed inside. This will also include a production configured image & setup script for hosts that support Docker (looking at an installer for digital ocean).

Using this system the only dependency will Docker. All other tooling (php, composer, node, yarn, etc) will run inside of the containers.

Formatting Pipeline

Work has begun on a major refactoring of the text rendering pipeline. The goals being:

  • Consistent interface for different formatters.
  • Unified configuration options between Rich Editor & other formats.
  • Configuration options for embeds.
  • Break up Gdn_Format
  • Increased automated test coverage.

JS module system

We've begun breaking up our core typescript codebase into individual packages and publishing them to NPM. These will be published under the org. The intention is to consolidate various packages & build processes floating around.

ETA End of August

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