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<> Embed function / Insert Media-popup

Discovered that the Embed popup/flyout is a little weird.

(screenshots are from Vanilla OSS forum)

Clicking the [<>] icon and inserting a link - the "Insert" button is toned down (greyed out)

Removing a letter from the link(t removed in "https") - "Insert" button lights up.

Clicking insert result in "Request failed with status code 500"

(error expected...)

Putting the t back in - Insert is toned out again.

However, I have also tried removed g in .png or the a in uploads (and several other letters/numbers) and putting it back in

In that case the "Insert" button stays lit - clicking it results in this

I will try posting a comment to this thread with the above.

For reference, this is the link used in the above examples but I have tested with sevral links - same outcome.


The same happens with a link to a post on the forums and a youtube video.

Difference is that the post and youtube video renders/embeds when "Insert" is clicked (after removing and reentering a letter or number in the link)

Removing, reentering:

Seems anything in "https://" tones out the Insert button

Seems anything after "https://" leaves "Insert" lit.

I do see some issues/pulls on github that mention embed but not anything fitting this - or I do not undertsand that is this ;-)


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