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MathJax Plugin and V3

As far as I can tell, the MathJax plugin does not seem to work in V3 of vanilla forums. It works fine with V 2.6.4, which is the version I'm still using. The problem seems to involve the rich editor. Is there any possibility that this will be fixed before V 2.6.4 no longer works?


  • You can use V3 without Rich Editor.

  • In fact, the trick seems to be to disable the Rich Editor. It then works in 3.1. Sorry for the noise. 😐️

  • Still relevant as it does not work with Rich Editor (or other way around).

    Glad to hear you got a step further :-)

  • AdrianAdrian Wandering Spirit Montreal Vanilla Staff
    edited August 16

    Mathjax should work with Rich Editor. I added the code direct on a test forum and it works too.

    <script src='' async></script>


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