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Best Of...

yguerdatyguerdat Delémont New

Hello the community.

I really like the "Best Of..." and was wondering if the plugin is present in the Addons because I don't find it. I have found the plugins to create some gamification who are just so great but I was wondering if it's a way to make a page who list the top contributors during a certain period.

My goal is to reward with some prices my top contributors.

Thanks for your feedback and have a nice day


  • Make sure to read the question(the latest atm) about it working with vanilla 3.x

  • yguerdatyguerdat Delémont New

    Thanks Kaspar,

    I have already setup YAGA but I didn't found the Best of... inside neither the top contributors list.

    Or do I have miss something ?

    Txs for your help

  • Yaga settings > leaderboards - if memory serves me.

  • yguerdatyguerdat Delémont New

    I guess I do something wrong because all is selected but didn't see it in my navigation

  • Ok, then it is on me.

    Can't check stuff out as I am traveling atm.

  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    IIRC it only appears if there is "enough" content. You might need to react on 5 to 10 discussions to see the module in the panel

  • yguerdatyguerdat Delémont New

    Thank you @R_J I didn't know it. That's for sure the reason because I haven't yet open it to the public, it's just in construction :-) I will create a few test content to see the result then.

  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    Just out of curiosity: if you are speaking about "Best of" without using gamifications, what would be the criteria for you to do a ranking?

    Comment count, view count, participant count are the only metrics I can think of. But the period to look at must be taken into consideration, too. I'm interested to hear about your thoughts!

  • yguerdatyguerdat Delémont New

    Sorry I was maybe not clear. I love the plugin with the gamification :-)

    I would love the idea to can give a thumb up to an idea. So more thumbs up you have (and not multiple proposals) more the feature make sense to be developed. I'm planning to create this community for the users of our platform who can propose some new product features. The ones with the more likes are done at first ...

    That was, my idea in mind :-)

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