Replace Homepage with my own content

What is the best way to do this....

If i have a custom page created by a plugin is there a way to set the homepage route into it?



  • Take a look at

    Predefined routes > Defaultcontroller

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    Also, if you just want to add simple static content without rerouting ... in your template, default..master.tpl there is a nice smarty variable you can use to decide what to show in your homepage. It is $isHomepage

    You can load an entire new page template design if you want

    {if $isHomepage}
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>my homepage</title>
    {pocket name="homePagePocket"}
    Hey Look I got rid of the discussion or categories listing ... hahahaha hehehehe
      {include file="partials/mainSitedesign.tpl"}

    Or if you like your existing main rest-of-the-site design so much but want to nuke the forumisque discussion/categories list side of things

    {if $isHomepage}
    {pocket name="homePagePocket"}
    {module name="homePagePocket"}
    {asset name="Content"}
    //and elsewhere on the page
    {if $isHomepage}
    <div> I am homepage side bar</div>
    {asset name="Panel"}

    Use include and pockets  and modules to make things a little less hazardous, and tidy.

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