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My forum is redirecting to the setup page

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Im guessing it has to do with the recent suckiness of dreamhost ?

Anyone else want to guess as to why this would this occur.


  • Has it wiped all your settings (check conf/settings.php)?
  • ^^
    check the permissions on conf/settings.php... if it's a new setup, and it can't write to that file, it can't record the bit that means setup has been completed.
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    hmmm, the site has been live for a few months.. not new...pretty active site with over 300 members

    ill peep the settings.php
  • settings.php is set to 644
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    You'll want to make sure that this line is in there at the very least:

    $Configuration['SETUP_COMPLETE'] = '1'

    If there are no lines in there, then it got wiped somehow and you'll need to redo all of your settings. If you made any backups of the file, any of them should do just fine. The settings rarely change except for extension preferences - which can be easily reset.
  • Download Filezilla ftp client ... browse to your conf folder .. change file attributes to '777' and do that fast because I think anyone now can start the installer again(or not?)
  • hmm, mark where should that line of code be ?
  • check the permission of conf/. 644 is fine for conf/settings.php but conf/ need 755.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    that line should be in conf/settings.php
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    gulp.. i dont see it .. here it is...


    so am i screwed ?
  • so should i just reset it up ?

    i was using 1.0... whats the best way to move to 1.01 at this point ?
  • ive had this problem too. for security reasons i renamed the setup/index.html page so it just gives a 404 but its annoying.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited September 2006
    gasface: Not the /settings.php file. The /conf/settings.php file.
  • ahhh... well, i fixed.. i was able to upgrade to 1.01..

    was ok until a few minutes ago... getting error wehn starting a new discussion...

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: discussionform_validateattachments() in /home/.lafayette/mrshitty/BAYRIDGETALK.COM/library/Framework/Framework.Class.Delegation.php on line 36
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Looks like a problem with the attachments extension.
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    yeah, interesting.. i turned it off.. all good again..

    thanks for all the help all
  • I have the same problem as gasface.... now what?
  • I have this happen all the time after i screwed up the invite extension, which I've been told how to fix, but have yet to do so. Just make sure you back up your config folder pretty routinely, or at least any time you make successful setting changes. When that screen does come up, replace the folder with your backed up config folder and you should be golden. Then you can figure out what's doing it.
  • I'm having a simmilar issue but can't find the root. 90% of the time the forum appears fine but every once in a while you'll follow a link to another place in the forum (such as a new discussion thread) and it'll redirect you to the setup screen. I haven't seen any correlations between this unusual behavior to any specific input on my part. It appears completely random... I've checked ~/forum/conf/settings.php and the "Setup_Complete" line seems to reflect a successful setup. Any other ideas on what might be causing this?
  • yes same problem,

    Phantasos above me explained it.. exactly. I'm using DreamHost if you've found any correlation with them.
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