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Version 3.2: Footer code changes back after a certain amount of time

JeagerockJeagerock New
edited September 2019 in Vanilla 3.x Help

Hey Guys!

Quick question for you guys about the footer. I have been editing the footer to add some links and social media buttons in the KeyStone theme (themes/keystone/views/default.master.tpl).

At first it worked and it actually copied over the correct information to the page. When I checked up this morning, about 12 hours later since the copy, it was back to the way it was. The weird part is that the default master is still correct...

Does any of you have or had the same problem and knows the fix?

Thanks in advance!


  • KasparKaspar Moderator
    edited September 2019

    Did you clear /cache at the time?

    (Maybe you made changes that worked but then made changes not working, which did not show due to cache not being cleared)

    Also - don't use the Keystone folder - it is part of core so changes get overwritten on updates.

  • JeagerockJeagerock New
    edited September 2019

    Hey Kasper,

    Thanks for the reply! I did clear the cache and checked the folder again just to be sure. You mentioned not to use the keystone folder to make changes in but the current footer states: © Vanilla Keystone Theme 2019.

    If it is not the default.master.tpl in the keystone theme folder, which directory should I then look for? This is the only place together with the cache that gave a result for the 'Vanilla Keystone Theme 2019'string search i did.

  • If you want to use and modify the Keystone theme then copy/clone it to a folder with a different name (remember to change the name in the addon.json aswell) then modify within the new folder.

    That way you don't use the Keystone folder(which will be overwritten on updates) but can still use the Keystone theme.

  • JeagerockJeagerock New
    edited September 2019

    Hey Kasper, Sorry for the late reply!

    I indeed fixed the problem with the moves metioned. Just in case people have the same problem and are struggling with the steps, here are the steps I executed:

    • I first made a copy of the Keystone Theme and named it KeystoneCustom
    • The addon.js file can be found under ./themes/keystoneCustom/addon.json and needs the following changes:
    "key": "keystone",
    "name": "keystone",


    "key": "keystoneCustom",
    "name": "keystoneCustom",
    • Some adjustments in the code were needed in the config files
    // Appearance.
    $Configuration['Garden']['Theme'] = 'keystone';
    $Configuration['Garden']['MobileTheme'] = 'keystone';


    // Appearance.
    $Configuration['Garden']['Theme'] = 'keystoneCustom';
    $Configuration['Garden']['MobileTheme'] = 'keystoneCustom';
    • Just to be sure I removed the cache in ./cache/Smarty/compile

    Keep on coding people, life is to short to just add breaks and returns in your life.

  • Config changes would have been done automatically if you changed theme via dashboard.

    (After renaming theme, clearing cache is needed before you will see the new theme in theme options)

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