What is System User, is it Ok to delete default users?

Hey guys, new Vanilla user here, just installed a fresh one, v3.2. I noticed there are a few pre-set users exist. I deleted all of them, except the System User. So, questions...

  • What is system user? what is it used for? do I need to do anything to it to to make it safer if I need to keep it (change pass, approve it, etc)?
  • I assume it's Ok I deleted other users?
  • When I deleted other users the counters did not update, so I found the dba/counters link via this forum, but do I have to do it every time now when delete users/posts?
  • Is the theme used on this forum available for self-hosted forums, or its a premium cloud-only theme?

Thanks in advance.



  • Yea, before I install Vanilla, I disable stub content in the config.php and delete the respective plugin; then my new site does not get populated by that test content and users.

    $Configuration['EnabledPlugins']['stubcontent'] = false;

    The System User is very important. To make Vanilla use your account or admin-specified one instead of that floating one.

    Although I like to keep the System user separate from mine.

    $Configuration['Garden']['SystemUserID'] = 31; //where 31 is your user id

    You can find your user id in the database table GDN_User

    It's okay to nuke everything else.

    As for this theme, look here


  • Thanks!

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