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How to Mass delete spam registrations?

I'm currently seeing about 716 spam registrations that passed recaptcha and 330 unconfirmed registrations.

What is everyone's strategy to deleting these registrations in 3.x?

Thank you.



  • Is that your strategy or are you just recommending plugins without experience? thanks.

  • Wow @Gentle , be g**tle

    He need not have tried that plugin, for perhaps he does not have the issue you have.

    But I reckon he took the time to find something you might have missed, which says in its description it could very well satisfy your request. Either case, did you try it out to see if it was indeed so far off and thus recommended without experience?

    I don't have that issue as much, as I use SSO and some serious anti-knucklehead homemade captchas on the mother site.

    For mass nuking of accounts I have gone straight to the DB to my business


  • I don't know why you are starting drama. I asked specifically for 3.x and he did not state whether he is using it for the question i posed.

    I'm not using 3.x because dealing with spam is already an issue. I don't know why you are trolling me but please be respectful.

  • My strategy is to avoid the mass registration!

    If you have mass registration you need tools and functions to handle them.

    You posted in the 3.x section but now say you do not use 3.x - we do not have experience with guessing versions.

    You did not state that we should have used whatever could handle your large amounts of registration.

    You started the drama.

    You werent respectfull.

    That is the way to not get help :-(

  • I have not had the need to use this, no.

    It is a free tool and free help.

    The work you have to do yourself.

  • If you read my first post. I stated my situation. 2nd sentence. I requested 3.x users to post their strategies. You are in fact disrespectful.

    First you answer my question with a suggestion with no direct answer. I ask for clarification. You respond on criticizing my first post when you clearly did not read it.

    I am asking you to be respectful. I do not expect people to guess what version of vanilla forum I am using. I requested strategies people with 3.x are using to deal with mass registrations and not being attacked or provided indirect answers. Feel free to show this thread to people and have them judge themselves on your conduct.

  • "What is everyone's strategy to deleting these registrations in 3.x?"

    I replied

    Your post did not say no suggestions allowed.

    It is a direct answer - if you read the description of the linked plugin the first 2 words are : "Remove users"

    Can't be more direct.

    I can reply a new

    Your question: "What is everyone's strategy to deleting these registrations in 3.x?"

    My answer: "avoid mass registrations"

    But you asked about mass deleting not avoiding registrations.

    You asked for clarification and you got it:

    Maybe you did not read it.

    You say I criticize your inital post without reading it.

    So it just luck I replied something that related.

    I criticize your following replies not your first.

    "Feel free to show this thread to people and have them judge themselves on your conduct."

    My conduct - oh the wonker-bonker-person your are.

    Will not reply further.

    Have a day.

  • Sir. If you have a suggestion phrase it as a suggestion? I am exasperated by your vindictive replies when all I did was ask feedback from 3.x users dealing with a lot of mass registrations. This is a help category but your suggestions/commentary don't even address a persons question.

  • To delete spammers, I do it directly in Database.

    To curtail the mess in the first place I use jsConnect SSO.

    I think everyone should move the user entry accounts to another system.

    @Gentle are you able to use jsConnect SSO? In that way you are able to really control who comes and how they even interact with the registration page. Add custom weird captchas et al.

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