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AddOn to move 1st topic`s comment to a existing topic [RESOLVED]

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there is any Vanilla AddOn that allows to move a topic's first comment to another existing topic.

Any help would be very appreciated on that matter.

explanation: It's common to me to have new users creating topics related to already existing topics. So in order to keep a lean forum It would be great to move those comments but split&Move addon only works starting on the second topic's comment on.



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    Merge discussions instead

    (What you refer to is actually called Split / Merge)

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    cvlloscvllos New
    edited September 2019

    Budy, sorry...

    I tried enabling AddOn "Split / Merge" and also the addOn "Split & merge FE" both from Mark O'Sullivan

    For some reason I can't explain I only get options to delete the comments. When the Discussion has only one (first) comment the modal does not show up when message checkbox is selected.

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    In Vanilla the first Post in a thread and the thread itself is called "discussion".

    Sounds like what you want to achieve can be done by editing the discussion. When doing so, the category dropdown appears, you can change it and save the discussion. It's that easy ;-)

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    @R_J , Issue solved.

    What I really wanted was to Merge "Discussion 02" into "Discussion 01" as our coleague @Kaspar mentioned earlier.

    I just didn't realize previously that this must be done within the Thread List View page and not from inside the thread page. My bad !!

    I had to try to understand the Split/Merge AddOn by looking straight to its code and then I realized what I was doing wrong. kkkk

    thanks for the tips !!!


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