Users running a non-download version of Vanilla (pulled from github), on branch release/2019.016 or master from the last 2 weeks should upgrade to release/2019.017 or latest master for security reasons. Downloaded official open sources releases are not affected.

Show All Emojis not Playing Nice in Vanilla 3.2

This discussion is related to the Show All Emojis addon.

I didn't really test it in 3.0 and 3.1, but when I upgraded to Vanilla 3.2, none of the buttons above the text box in Advanced Editor were responding.  Disabling Show All Emojis fixed it, but now I get only 8 emojis 😪.



  • If you change from Advanced editor to Rich editor, you get a load of emojis with it.

  • Right you are Kaspar!

    Both Advanced & Rich Editors were on and I had tried shutting off Advanced but then just got a plain text box, so I turned it back on.

    This time I turned Advanced off and got the plain text box again, so I turned Rich off and back on and that did the trick.


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