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SEO Friendly in URL Vietnamese

How to make SEO friendly URL with vietnamese?

URL: http://domain.com/kiểm-tra

To: http://domain.com/kiem-tra



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    its in the config file, you literally manually change it there, it’s not a setting from the app itself.

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    @haseeb Can you give more specific instructions? Thanks very much!

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    Please help me!

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    There is no setting which would does any conversion from e.g. "ể" to "e". You need a custom plugin for that, but that plugin would be easy to write. The difficult thing is to find a "translation table" of all those vietnames characters to ascii pendants.

    BUT I doubt that this is needed. If I search for "kiem tra" I get results that show "kiểm tra". If you look at popular Vietnamese pages, do they convert all of there urls?

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    Try This..

    import unicodedata

    # Original URL

    url = "http://domain.com/kiểm-tra"

    # Normalize the URL by removing accents

    normalized_url = unicodedata.normalize('NFD', url).encode('ascii', 'ignore').decode('utf-8')

    # Replace spaces with hyphens

    seo_friendly_url = normalized_url.replace(' ', '-').lower()

    print(seo_friendly_url)  # Output: "http://domain.com/kiem-tra"

    Result will be

    http://domain.com/kiểm-tra to http://domain.com/kiem-tra,

    I hope it helps.

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