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Multiple questions for new user


I have just installed(self hosted) Vanilla 3.3 and it looks superb!

I am having a few problems with the below issues:

1)How can the admin receive notifications when a post is created? (to keep an eye on the forum)

2)I love the blue counter in this forum(number of views and comments in square boxes), how to get them in my theme? I am using the theme keystone.

3)I would love to have the users automatically registered to mailchimp, but cannot find the plugin for it, does it exists for the self hosted version?

4)When you need to edit the code of a template without causing any issues with future updates of the theme, where is the best place to do this please?

Thank you so much!


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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin
    1. Admins can have "Advanced Notifications". When logged in as admin, go to your profiles notification settings.
    2. This theme can be used as an inspiration, but please don't simply copy it. You can find it at github.com/vanilla/comunity
    3. There's a plugin available, but I don't know if it is working. It is quite old. But if you need support on getting it to run again, we can work together on it.
    4. That depends... If it is just CSS that needs to be changed, the best way is to either use the plugin CssEdit or the plugin Pockets to insert additional CSS to the page. If you really think you have to alter a lot, start with the boilerplate theme which is quite close to the keystone theme. If you really, really need to change html, you have to override views. I would recommend to start a new discussion on that and ask a detailed question for getting an omptimal start on changing views.
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    Thank you so much for the reply.

    My problem is that I need to add terms and conditions + privacy policy page for my users. Without this, I cannot run the forum.

    What would you recommend doing for adding these 2 pages?

    All I need to work out how to do it properly without breaking anything for future updates.

    I already program in Vue.js and Laravel so I have some knowledge in coding but instead of spending days trying to figure out how to hack my way into creating a new page, I prefer to ask this forum for a straightforward solution if you know what I mean.

    From what I understand, I would need to create 2 pages and copy paste the headers/footers from a master template into my new pages.

    But where does this happens and how please?

    Thank you.

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    In short, I read the overriding views page, but how to include a view inside the master view? This is more what I need to find out.

    Passing a partial view to the master boiler plate.

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    You are duplicating a question from your other discussion. i will answer ther in a minute...

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    Thanks, sorry about that, can an admin remove this post please? Sorry, sorry!

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