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Ajax not working & categories

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I recently made a test install of vanilla 1.0.1 on a freehoster account. It was the first time I did like this. So keep in mind that I'm a beginner.

In order to install it successfully, I had to remove all ini_set directions from headers.php and installer.php. Now vanilla is up an running. But I have several problems. At the moment e.g. Ajax isn't working. When I try to move the categories within the list it's always highlighting the text instead of moving an entry.
Javascript is enabled within my Firefox as well as cookies. What's wrong? Why isn't Ajax working?

I added some categories. Where are the categories saved to? As Ajax wasn't working I wanted to change the category-number assigment manually by editing some file. But I don't know where the categories are saved.


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    Categories are saved to the database. Why did you have to edit the headers.php and installer.php? Couldn't you just upload and start the installer?
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    Yeah, I found them in LUM_Category. I changed the numbers and it worked partly. Categorys have the correct numbers now, but when looking at the category list in the vanilla forum the categorys aren't sorted by their numbers but by the order I put them in.
    >> Why did you have to edit the headers.php and installer.php? Couldn't you just upload and start the installer?
    Otherwise there occured several errors. It always kept saying ini_set was disabled due to security concerns (or like this).

    Any solution for this Ajax problem?
  • Any ideas why Ajax isn't working? Any way I can test it? Is it my browser? The hoster ( by the way)? Installation error? I don't know how to sort the categories by their id within the forum without using Ajax. The problem is ID1 is beneath ID2. I renamed them within the SQL table after adding them via the vanilla board. I'm really interested in getting this to work.
  • C'mon no one an idea? Is this question too noobish? Or why is no one giving any hints/answer?
  • I thought ajax was purely client side?
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    > I thought ajax was purely client side?
    Are you sure about this? So you mean it must be on my side? Browser, ...
  • I don't like ajax seems it doesn't seem to be very browser compliant, call me old fashion I like something I can touch and taste ;-)
  • ajax by nature is client-side AND server-side... that's the whole reason for its existence! :P
    and it's perfectly browser compliant if you code it right, just like anything else.
  • by the way, you can get some insight into whether your ajax requests are being sent properly by installing the firebug extension for firefox... open the firebug console and go to Options->Show XMLHttpRequests. Then click an ajax link and you'll see the transaction in the console. If you paste it here someone may be able to help.
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    @ithcy Thx for your tip concerning Firebug extension. This was the solution. After opening the console and the category settings page I saw an error in prototype.js at line 1. Studying this error revealed that prototype.js was simply missing. I don't know how this happend. Must have been happend during uploading. I'll check my logs. To make it short, after uploading "prototype.js" Ajax is working. So thanks again for this tip about the Firebug extension.
  • /me stands corrected. I guess that kinda makes sense ithcy, what with it interacting with the server and delivering to the client....*slaps self
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