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Ability to Test SMTP settings easily?

Is there a quick way to test SMTP settings. I am using mailtrap.io for dev testing as the SMTP server so that no email leave the forum to real live users as I have migrated my data over form VBulliten 4.2 so I don't want to accidentally send out emails to these users. I have tested with the server sending out emails with no issues for a new user but when i set the SMTP server settings i never get the email so I was wondering if there was a way to look at logs for this or a quick way of testing :)


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    Yes thank you!!

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    Is their a mail log so that when this service does not get email i can see if the forum software actually sent the email and its an issue on their end?

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    It would be nice to see a log but I just noticed that at the bottom left is the message SMTP connect() failed so looks like it could be a firewall issue.

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Nothing that I know of. But I would strongly recommend some mailing service like sendpulse, bluehost, sendgrid or whatever. For lesser number of mails they are free and they are much more reliable then PHP mailer on your local machine can be.

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    edited January 2020

    For anyone else that is looking for this if you go to "http://domain.com/dashboard/settings/emailtest" replace the domain.com with your URL

    You can do a test from there and it will spit out the actual error like below: Time to bug my hosting provider to see if they are blocking SMTP traffic!!

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    Seems my hosting provider is blocking all outgoing email. You have to use their mail server!

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    I will be sending out through gmail servers when I am done. I will authenticate to their relay servers and send out through them VIA SMTP and TLS. Sending email out through PHP mail (I would agree with you) is not really reliable!

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