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anyone know a good version tracker

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Anyone know a good PHP bit of script to allow you upload files to your website, give it a version, and it can be left there for archiving?


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    I'm interested in such a script as well :)
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    I never heard of such a thing but in theory .. seems easy to make ... bring a normal upload script .. after successful upload ... use some file system functions to append a number to the file name ... I'm a php noob myself ... but I'm quite sure that the one who made Poll extension could make this script under 6 minutes ....
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    Why reinvent the wheel? Subversion has such functionality already with their web frontend. It takes some doing but the thing about creating something like this is that you'll be constantly tweaking it and adding stuff until you basically have a CVS/SVN type system and you could have bypassed all that to begin with. I played around with an idea like this a while back to help users keep up with my releases and hot fixes to an open source module I wrote. But it ended up being a lot more work than just using SVN.
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    hmm.... i c your idea but i'm thinking more PHP then svn because i know i'll be able to mod it to what i want :)

    Yea, i know it'd be an easy thing to make a simple one, but the thing is that i can't be bothered to because i'm working hard on my other project...
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    have a database with two tables: FileNames PK id int filename varchar FileVersions version int id int then in your php, upload to a temporary folder, look the filename up in FileNames. if its not there, add it and add an entry to FileVersions with version 1 and rename the file with the id. If it's already there, do the same but instead of version 1, use the result of a query plus one. The query should find the id of that filename in FileNames, then find the matching versions, then pick the largest version number. Easy!
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