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How to Resize Navbar Items?

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Anyone know how to get the navbar items a particular width? I have set a background image, and now I'm trying to make it show the whole image. This comes out of vanilla.css.... #Header ul li a { padding:1px 10px; margin:0px; font-size:11px; text-decoration:none; color:#fff; width:139px; height:35px; background: transparent url(nav_up.png); } Please reply, this is making me go crazy! peace


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    It is not possible to set the width or height of inline elements. Why? Because the W3C gods said so.

    Then they invented inline-block, which behaves like an inline element but can have the size changed. Everybody was happy, until they realized that it doesn't work at all in any Mozilla browsers. Why? Who the heck knows. It's one of the oldest unresolved bugs, so the most common theory is "they're lazy and don't give a crap".
  • So there's nothing I can do? I just designed sweet looking nav bar icons!! I hate mozilla :<
  • Oh, BTW it doesn't seem to work (inline-block) in IE7 RC1, unless I'm doing it wrong :(
  • You can try punching the padding out where the icon should be. This technique is used for the notice icon, as well as about every other background image in the Vanilla css.
  • Sorry not icons, tab button images... can two background: 's be added? One for "right" and one for "left"?
  • You aren't allowed two background images for the same element. But don't panic! there are two elements nested there:<li class='TabOn'><a href=''>Discussions</a></li>
    So you need to put one image on the LI, and one on the A:li.TabOn { margin: 0; padding: 0; background: transparent url(left.png) left top no-repeat; } li.TabOn a { padding: 0 24px; background: transparent url(right.png) right top no-repeat; }
    Change the padding as needed, a first guess would be 5-6 pixels more than the width of the left and right images.
  • Argh, just when I reverted to the default style again and made some slight color changes to suit my site :< Thanks for the comments though, will definately try again. I do wish I had a better way to test my style than ftp'ing and refreshing! Netfirms is so slow!!! Thanks again! peace
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    Ahh, ok so what I do then is set left and right images, and have a middle image with x-repeat? Wait, I can't do that either can I :<

    This is what I'm trying to do here...

    Hey, I'm not great with css but with the "behaviour" tag couldn't I just draw the whole image using js or something?
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    SWEET!!!! You two are legends! OMG I'm so stoked. :> Managed to work out I had to add : "#Header ul li:hover {" for the hover effect... It's a work in progress --->> Thanks again! peace
  • I don't know how I lived without the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar, everyone should have a copy of it!!!
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