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Illegals at the drive through windows

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is it just me or are there more (illegals) um I mean non-english speaking foreign persons working at fast food and pizza places, is there a more politically correct word for these ? when you know they are illegals only nobody will admin it. I guess its better since they won't expet a tip and work for 5 cents an hour, its funny how so american these fast food places are yet you usually don't see any americans working there (scraches head) and the lead drive-through attendant is some 60 year old mexican grandmother go america


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    have you seen their papers? or you're just assuming they're illegals?
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    I find it extremely funny that you, of all people, are criticizing their English.

    As for the large number of illegal immigrants working at local businesses, well I would imagine that it has something to do with the fact that you live near San Diego.
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    I fail to see why it's at all surprising that (regardless of whether they immigrated illegally or not) immigrants are taking up the lower paid and less skilled jobs available in an area. That's one of the bases of modern economy. The residents of the area (who are generally 'better' educated) dont want the low paid low skill jobs so they are available for immigrant workers. That's why we started bringing immigrants into this country in the first place, I believe. After the second world war there was a huge shortage of workforce so we recruited people from other countries to come and work for us. Regardless of whether you'd rather they were there or not, and even if you dont need them now, I think you might find that at some point in the past they were a completely necessary and very valued addition to the economy. I'm not sure if that's true in the states but I'd imagine it is. In any case, just be glad they're working somewhere and paying tax on their income. They could just as easily (in this country, atleast) sit on their arses and sponge off the state.
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    Ah, the contradictions of global capitalism pitted against the anxiety of national identity Advanced capitalist nations demand the cheapest labour for service sector jobs; it needs this cheap labour but doesn't actually want the actual 'bodies' of these workers. These workers are invariably marginalised groups who can be readily exploited. And these workers - I'd rather call them forced economic migrants - are a product of global capitalism in the first place. If there was more equitable wealth distribution across world, then people wouldn't necessarily seek work elsewhere (and for many, it involves risking their lives to do).
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    I beleive immigration is still very usefull. I recently read in the independent that immigrants in UK contribute more than the average british. They are young, without children and work more hours in jobs that the average british don't want to do. I don't understand why immigration is a problem for the new labour and the tories.
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    I think the problem comes when all the new countries joining the EU cause a massive increase in the number of people coming to the UK. We have an extremely low unemployment rate as it is and if people start coming in to the country and putting the English out of jobs because theyre willing to work for less money then it will start to cause problems and a few people will become a bit annoyed. Considering the current government predicted an influx of around 15000 people from Bulgaria (i think it was, i might be wrong) and we actually recieved closer to half a million, if we're set to gain similar numbers from various other countries then that's a seriously large number of people who need providing with housing/amenities/services which some if not all areas dont have the capability to provide.
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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    This thread goes away now.

    In answer to your first question: there is no politically correct way to make a racist statement.
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