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Reverse Comment Sorting


I've installed Vanilla Forum for first time, I have the latest version and I'm trying to reverse the comments order to sort ascending..

From default this is setted to desc, why?

Where I go to reverse the sorting? I've tryied from Admin Panel, from themes php files, discussion.php (in applications/vanilla), but I haven't found a solution..!

How to solve?



  • KasparKaspar ✭✭


    However it is old so may not work with latest VF version.

  • edited March 18


    Thank you but I know this plugin and is the reverse that I want..!

    I want first the old comments.

    I've try to edit this plugin but not work.. This take the textbox first of comments..!

  • Solved by editing the plugin.

    Thank you

  • KasparKaspar ✭✭

    Sorry, if I misunderstood.

    Comments are listed with oldest ones first and newer underneath by default.

    So you should not need a plugin for that.

    In conf/config-defaults.php under embedding forum & comments you can find this

    $Configuration['Garden']['Embed']['SortComments'] = 'desc';

    Add it to your conf/config.php

    Changing desc to asc I assume would do it.

  • Thanks for lesson 😂🖤

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