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How do I insert an image into a Discussion



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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin
    1. As long as you have that "index.php?p=" in the url of your forum, some things will not work
    2. You need to have pretty urls enabled like ianw5555 said
    3. If the .htaccess.dist renamed to .htaccess does not work, you might need an older version of the .htaccess file

    Get that old version of the .htaccess file and save it to your forum. Together with that config setting, your forum should run smoothly.

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    Thanks again. R_J

    Just to be sure, before I make changes, you are talking about the .htaccess (dated 13/3/2020) file discovered under Vailla-core-3-3/package. Is that right? There is also an .htaccess.dist file

    I see that the .htaccess file I have in that position on my local FTP system is dated 28/10/2019. Having looked at the code in the three files I see that they are identical.

    I have just discovered the Debug Trace on the Forum Home Page. I was not aware that they were displayed.

    There are two yellow text-boxes ("Notices") with under the general title Info Could not find file 'custom_default.css' in folder ''. The first has the title "Undefined index: hasAdvancedSearch " . The second "Trying to get property 'value' of non-object" . Each is followed by about 15 lines of code.

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    HopelessHopeless New
    edited March 2020

    As you can tell, I'm well out of my depth here. The installation of my forum went well until I wanted to upload pictures. Since then I have had a good deal of help from very capable contributors in the Community, for which I'm very grateful, but I'm increasingly aware that I do not have the knowledge or skill to even follow the advice that I am offered to repair whatever has gone amiss with my forum. 

    whu606 pointed out earlier in this discussion that "For those choosing to self-host Vanilla, there is a reasonable expectation of basic competency in managing a web server."

    I wasn't aware of that initially, and I don't have that competency, so, whilst I'd like to be able to upload pictures to the discussions on my forum, (or just return to being able to access it again!) I don't blame any of you if you decide to call it a day. . .

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin
    edited March 2020

    Should work now. I forgot about asking if the forum is available at example.com or example.com/forum. In the latter case there must be a line in the .htaccess changed. From #RewriteBase / to #RewriteBase /forum

    @Hopeless since you have granted me access to your server, I made that changes and you should be able to use all features now. Just try uploading something.

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    That's brilliant. I'm very grateful. It's working See Testing2 under General Category

    My forum has been accessible at stretecorner.com/forum/vanilla-core-3-3/package/ which is a bit long-winded, so I have added a redirect page to make it also available at stretecorner.com/forum/

    Currently the .htaccess file reads RewriteBase /forum/vanilla-core-3-3/package Should I change that?

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    If there is no real need for two urls, you should only have one url.

    Don't know if you have any way to configure your weberver. In your web server. But normally you would have some "public_html " folder which is the root folder of your domain. That folder might be in whatever folder "/user-space/public_html"

    By configuring your web server you could make the folder /user-space/vanilla in the file system to e.g. forum.example.com. That's what you should try to achieve.

    If you don't know how to do that, you might ask your hoster for help.

    If they cannot help, you might think about moving all files from your /user-space/public_html/forum/vanilla/package to /user-space/public_html/forum. You would need to a) change the RewriteBase line in /user-space/public_html/forum.htaccess accordingly and b) delete all files and folders in the /user-space/public_html/forum/cache folder

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