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re: 3.3 is this normal Category URL behavior when creating categories?

I noticed that when you create a category, the category url path never changes:



If I create, for example a root category named:

Baseball, then the url path changes to: https://www.example.com/categories/baseball

However, if I add a child (sub) category to Baseball, called Yankees, then the path

still stays the same: https://www.example.com/categories/yankees.

The problem is that If I create another Root Category called Teams and then

want to add child (sub) category to Teams, called Yankees, Vanilla tells me the Category

already exists, since the category url doesn't change, other than what comes after



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    I can't seem to edit my post, so here is some more clarification:

    Is the url category suppose to automatically include the parent name of the category when adding a sub category to it's path?

    For example:


    If I add a root category called test then:


    This part works fine, however if I add a sub category to test called, NY, then:

    the url category still shows up as:


    Shouldn't it show up automatically as:


    I'm hoping this is not the case, as I have to add a lot of forums - hoping it's a web.config url re-write issue?

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    K17K17 Français / French Paris, France ✭✭✭
    edited April 2020

    Hi :D

    As I told you by PM, it's the normal behaviour of categories, their parents are not in the url. Each category is on it's own, and not attached to a parent (it's almost only a visual organisation).

    If you wants to have two categories with the same display name, you can change the category url in the dashboard.

    For exemple, you have

    Cat 1 => Sub-category

    Cat 2 => Sub-category

    You want the two Sub-categories to be called "Sub-category", so in your dashboard you can set category urls to "cat1-subcategory" and 'cat2-subcategory' (note that you can't use a /, prefer -)

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    Thanks for the reply, I actually had posted here first before seeing your PM and just left you a PM ;)

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