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Confused about permissions with Vanilla

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I'm trying to edit conf/database.php and find that I'm denied it. Current permissions are 644. And I've found I can't change even these either through my ftp client or cpanel I'm on a shared server (on asmallorange). Is this a server setting by my host. Actually what's odd that in cpanel filemanager, database.php is listed as 644 but when trying to change file permissions it indicates 666 I was recently on another server and ended up similar problems. They said it was script causing the file lock out?


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    MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    It could be that because the file was created by the Vanilla install script it is now owned by apache and won't allow you to change it.

    Your options are to:

    a) write a php script to alter the file's contents.
    b) contact your hosting provider and tell them to make the permissions 777 or make you the owner.
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    edited September 2006
    Quick reply appreciated Mark. I'm in the process of contacting my host to sort it out thanks Edit: my host making me the owner is working well :) Though I've not had this kind of issue with other forum scripts. Is it a specific security feature of Vanilla when it installs? It's just that it occurred on two different shared hosts accounts. I'm asking also as it may help others who may experience this issue.
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    kalikianakalikiana New
    edited September 2006
    In fact this is a problem with safemode. If it is turned on you can not edit files with a foreign user id. In my own cms I worked around that with a small ftp script which creates files and folders so that I can access files via ftp.
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    So just to clarify, if a host has safemode on, Vanilla will end up with issues with file permissions?

    Hmm, I've installed tons of different software, wordpress, textpattern, serendipity, phpbb, smf, fudforum, drupal, xoops, e107, yacs, phplist without this issue ever cropping up. I'm aware that some progs don't have issues with safemod on. (Or maybe my host has turned it on recently!)

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