will this still work in 2020?

This discussion is related to the Karma Bank addon.

Hi, will this still work in 2020? I installed it, added the karmabank to my cache folder, but am unable to access the settings for the plugin. It gives a blank error in the bottom left of the screen. thanks.



  • I have no folders in my cache/karmabank folder. What should be in there?

  • KasparKaspar ✭✭

    It is a plugin, put it in the plugin folder.

    There is nothing you should put in /cache yourself.

    When the forum run the plugin from the plugin folder, forum caches the plugin in /cache.

  • KasparKaspar ✭✭
    edited June 26

    In the 2 class.php files at line 3 change:

    KarmaBankModel to KarmaBankModelPlugin


    KarmaRulesModel to KarmaRulesModelPlugin

  • the dev wrote out "There is a bug with filecache/filemanager in core, which I've tried to work round. Filecache is used for pseudo-transactional locking.

    Please check the cache is working. You should have folders in cache/karmabank/ upon use."

    not sure what he meant other than adding a folder.

    I changed the two files but still can't access settings. Here is a screenshot. Thanks for replying.


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