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Why is Vanilla a bit slow?

edited September 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hi, I absolutely love Vanilla and would like to continue to use it for serious forum purposes, but I notice that it takes even a simple forum with five discussions currently about 2-3 seconds to render. This is running from a dedicated hosting server in the same city as I am! The rest of my website, including an install of PunBB, runs blazing fast. Is there anything I can do to optimize the performance? Why does this app take so long -- too many joins in the SQL or something? Would appreciate any pointers. Thanks!


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    That sounds really weird, and sounds like it's a problem related to your own install/server/etc. Just speaking for myself, I've never experienced the Lussumo forum as being slow, and neither any of my own installs. So perhaps Vanilla does something that because of your sever setup takes a long time. I wish I could be more helpful, but I'm afraid I just don't know what could be causing this.
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    What kinds of things could in the server could be causing this? As I mentioned, several other applications, including PunBB (which is another forum software, which I liked but now I like Lussumo more) are all very fast!
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    PunBB is meant to be fast.

    What make vanilla slower is mainly the use of classes (that won't be worse if your forum get bigger).

    On other thing that can slowdown the loading of the page is if your extensions add lots of css and js files.
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    Very few things should be pushing the load time up to 2-3 seconds though. As I'm sure you can tell just by using this forum it's still a pretty quick piece of software (compared to other systems like phpBB). Mark admits and admires that punBB is quicker but vanilla is by no means slow and you can see here with a couple of thousand users and discussions it's pretty instantaneous even when i'm a couple of hundred miles away.
    What extensions are you running?
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    Just for info, on a shared server when all is well, Vanilla for me loads in around 1-2 secs. (I'm in the UK, server in US). So it seems something isn't quite right for shanx24?
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    I've noticed that Vanilla seems to run a lot faster here than on my install. I have a couple possible untested explanations. First, I'm running Vanilla under SSL so the overhead to encrypt/decrypt the data could be slowing things down. Second, it's running on Mac OS X Server right now, which I understand is not the greatest web serving platform. When I have some free time, I'm going to try it on a Linux box without SSL and see if it makes a difference.
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