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Anyone though about adding TinyMCE to their vanilla? Is it not possible for some reason?!


  • I thought about it but... eh... I'll stick with textformatters until I'm more comfortable with Vanilla code and the framework :)
  • I don't get what you mean. You're saying you think it's just to hard to do?
  • I am working on it
  • i did it a long time ago. it was easy.

    however Xinha is much better in my opinion.
  • Xinha is still beta quality in terms of stability
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    ithcy: Can it be done with an extension? I am interested in doing it but have no idea how to add js for a specific page.

    I think this is something Vanilla really needs! It would be the first extension I download after an install!

    What would be nice to is if the extension could have settings for basic/advanced etc versions of TinyMCE!
  • +1 for Dojo.
  • no not dojo, its too basic and incomplete for eg. no way to assign alignment to images like tinymce, no way to assign alt text either. no way to add target=_blank or tooltip for links etc etc
  • Would also like such an extension ;)
  • @Bergamot: The Dojo control absolutely rocks! Its lightning fast! If it's stable, how hard would it be to integrate into Vanilla?
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    Is anyone working on this? I think a slick (discreet) integration of the Dojo control could really benefit Vanilla (and not just me;-)

    (now... why did I have to use square brackets to make that really look bold?)
  • Is that stuff you are talking about similar to Quicktags and html formatter extensions?
  • Yeah.... check out, it's a full wysiwyg text formatter with a load of almost word like options, and plugins to boot...
  • I am working on a tinymce plugin.

    It is almost done; I am finding a way to have the tinymce validator and vanilla formatter stripping away the same tags and attribute.
  • I tried the TinyMCE link 3stripe sent - I can't highlight text using the mouse since it interferes with Firefow mouse gestures!!

    Anyhow, would it be possible to make an extension where you could choose between TinyMCE and Dojo? Or perhaps modify one into the other when the first is completed?

    I think I'd only want bold, italic, bulletpoint and add hyperlink rather than all the gazillion buttons!
  • ...I've now tried the TinyMCE simple example, which is pretty much what I'd want! Though it still interferes with my FF extension ;-)
  • i can tell you all this from extensive on-the-job experience with these things:
    tinymce mangles complex html code. its xhtml parser is not so great. also tinymce is a pretty heavy download for the user, despite its name. i won't use it.
    xinha is nice but a pain in the ass to configure. i've never had any stability problems with it, MySchizoBuddy.
    fckeditor does the best job of preserving your code once you get it configured. but it's got a couple of weird display bugs. nothing too bad.
    htmlarea is the best all around, simple and stable. unfortunately the new versions are no longer free so you have to hunt for an old one.

    these are of course the editors with more features than just "bold" and "italic" and "smileyface." if you want one of those, i'm sure there are plenty around.
  • Thanks for the briefing, Itchy! I wouldn't want to download more features than I'd use - and I'd use quite few features. From a very brief glance, I thought Dojo looked rather promising.
  • yeah, dojo does look nice. i'm trying to figure out how to separate the text editor control from the rest of the toolkit so i can make it into an add-on.
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