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3.3 installation difficulties

Machine: Orange Pi 4 (ARM based)

OS: Armbian_20.08 (based on Ubuntu_20.04_arm64)

Apache_2.4.41 , PHP_7.4.3 (running locally)

Vanilla: 3.3

I have downloaded the package, and unzipped it to my domain.com/forum/ .

Firefox_80.1 go to https://mydomain.com/forum/index.php


Fatal Error in LocalesApiController.{closure}();

Class "Locale" not found

The error on or near "/var/www/mydomain.com/forum/applications/dashboard/controllers/api/LocalesApiController.php"

I think I have my locale set up OK:

$ locale




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    Some "solutions" say install php-intl .

    So I tried that and apt converted it to php7.4_intl which installed OK.

    That gives:

    Fatal Error in Twig\Cache\FilesystemCache.write();

    Unable to create the cache directory (/var/www/mydomain.com/forum/cache/twig/4d) .

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    So I created a directory cache/twig and a directory cache/twig/4d .

    That produces:

    Fatal error in Twig/cache/FilesystemCache.write();

    Unable to write in the cache directory (/var/www/mydomain.com/forum/cache/twig/4d

    which has permissions d775 .

    So I changed the permissions to 777 .

    That produces:

    A new screen, complaining about needing PHP to have curl, gd, mbstring and write permissions on /cache, /uploads, and /conf.

    PHP doesn't have a gd extension in PHP7.4, only gd2, so gave it that, and fixed up the rest.

    That produces:

    the same complaints about curl, gd, mbstring.

    This is getting silly.

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    edited September 2020

    You need all the above PHP extensions before you can install the software.

    Our minimum requirements are now:

    • PHP 7.1 or newer. (This change to 7.2 in 2020.)
    • PHP extensions mbstring (--enable-mbstring), cURL (--with-curl), GD (on by default), and PDO (on by default).
    • To import into Vanilla you need MySQLi (--with-mysqli).
    • To use our social plugins you need OpenSSL.
    • MySQL 5.0 or newer (or Percona/MariaDB equivalent).
    • MySQL strict mode disabled.

    You will also need write permissions for /cache, /uploads, and /conf

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    Thank you.

    I chose Vanilla because it didn't require mysql, I want the package to take care of everything to do with the database.

    Above all I want this to be EASY, and it certainly isn't going to be easy if it uses mysql.

    It has already been far too difficult.

    As soon as I get it up and running I am going to hand it over to someone else to maintain and support. There is no way I can do that with mysql.

    Are the minimum requirements mentioned before starting ? I didn't see them.

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    edited September 2020

    I can't think of any forum software that does not use a mysql database.

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Forum posts must be stored somewhere. Whenever someone wants to look at a discussion, all comments need to be loaded from that somewhere. That loading must be quick so that your visitors do not have to wait long for the page load. The best way to achieve that is to use a database. MySQL is a very popular choice.

    If you find a solution that doesn't require MySQL (in theory you can use sqlite or even text files), you will have performance issues afterwards.

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