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Is there a flaw with Vanilla forums?


I access Vanilla forums for another site, a while ago it had errors so Apple users (iphone or mac) couldn't use the forum, and the excuse was given to it being an issue with Vanilla forums. Then a few weeks ago the same issue happened to Chrome users (PC and phone). So I switched to using Microsoft Edge (which I don't like). But today, Micosoft Edge won't let me into the site... and tried in Firefox, same issue.

When I try to access the page I get the error:

"An error has occurred, please try again."

Is this a known problem with Vanilla forums? I've no idea whatsoever, just remember it was given as an excuse, but no specifics about it. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

And if so, is there any chance of it working again...


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    Are you talking about an issue with this support forum or errors with someone else's forum? If it's the latter, only the owner of that forum can ask for support really. All you can do is make the owner aware of the issues you are having with his site.

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    Ok, thanks.

    It's another forum, elsewhere, it's apparently run with Vanilla forum, but I have no knowledge of any of it. When there was an issue, they said they couldn't fix it as it was a problem with vanilla forum.

    They've been aware of the issue in Apple FOR MONTHS. And in Chrome for weeks and weeks... and so I'm pretty sure they're going to just say it's a Vanilla forum problem when I say it's happening in Edge, was hoping something was known about it. But presume it's more their version of vanilla forum or something - like it's a completely different issue and nothing to do with Vanilla forum.

    I'm not going insane.. I'm not going to scream... I'm not going to destroy anything....

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    Those sort of errors are usually server related, but like I said if the owner don't ask for help there's nothing we can do.

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    I think the other people (here, in the UK) are probably waiting for the American part of the company to fix it. And maybe it's not an issue in the USA, so maybe they're ignoring the UK people. And the UK people are just not realising they're being ignored.

    I'll wait till tomorrow, see if I get a reply from the the people that run the site... who know nothing of the tech stuff, that'll be another part of the company that has nothing to do with the people that initially said it was down to the vanilla forum.

    It never occured to me till now that that was all just an excuse to not deal with things!'

    😎 I'm going to make myself some enemies when I've sent a few emails in the next couple of days... eeexcellet...

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