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Importing db 2.1 into 3.3 Fatal Error in PHP.gdn_ErrorHandler(); Unknown column 'w.Participated'

I'm doing an upgrade from VF 2.1.10 to 3.3 using an clean install of VF 3.3.

I've imported the backup of the VF 2.1 database, but I'm by no way able to run utility/update or utility/structure. I can see the data is imported.

I've already solved an issue with the role 'unconfirmed' by putting some extra lines into the config.php, but now I'm running into the next problem:

Unknown column 'w.Participated' in 'field list'

The error occurred on or near: /var/www/.../forum.wikiwerkers.nl/library/database/class.database.php

403:                 // If we get here then the pdo statement prepared properly.
404:                 break;
406:             } catch (Gdn_UserException $uex) {
407:                 trigger_error($uex->getMessage(), E_USER_ERROR);
408:             } catch (Exception $ex) {
409:                 list($state, $code, $message) = $pDO->errorInfo();
411:                 // If the error code is consistent with a disconnect, attempt to retry


[/var/www/vps003/data/www/forum.wikiwerkers.nl/library/database/class.database.php:407] PHP::trigger_error();
[/var/www/vps003/data/www/forum.wikiwerkers.nl/library/database/class.sqldriver.php:1707] Gdn_Database->query();
[/var/www/vps003/data/www/forum.wikiwerkers.nl/library/database/class.sqldriver.php:664] Gdn_SQLDriver->query();
[/var/www/vps003/data/www/forum.wikiwerkers.nl/applications/vanilla/models/class.discussionmodel.php:779] Gdn_SQLDriver->get();
[/var/www/vps003/data/www/forum.wikiwerkers.nl/applications/vanilla/models/class.discussionmodel.php:556] DiscussionModel->getWhere();
[/var/www/vps003/data/www/forum.wikiwerkers.nl/applications/vanilla/controllers/class.discussionscontroller.php:192] DiscussionModel->getWhereRecent();
[/var/www/vps003/data/www/forum.wikiwerkers.nl/library/core/class.dispatcher.php:872] DiscussionsController->index();
[/var/www/vps003/data/www/forum.wikiwerkers.nl/library/core/class.dispatcher.php:289] Gdn_Dispatcher->dispatchController();
[/var/www/vps003/data/www/forum.wikiwerkers.nl/index.php:29] Gdn_Dispatcher->dispatch();

Variables in local scope:

[sql] 'select d2.*, w.UserID as `WatchUserID`, w.DateLastViewed as `DateLastViewed`, w.Dismissed as `Dismissed`, w.Bookmarked as `Bookmarked`, w.CountComments as `CountCommentWatch`, w.Participated as `Participated`
from `GDN_Discussion` `d`
join `GDN_Discussion` `d2` on d.DiscussionID = d2.DiscussionID
left join `GDN_UserDiscussion` `w` on w.DiscussionID = d2.DiscussionID and w.UserID = 2
order by `d`.`DateLastComment` desc
limit 30'
[inputParameters] array (
[options] array (
  'Type' => 'select',
  'Slave' => NULL,
  'ReturnType' => 'DataSet',
[returnType] 'DataSet'
[tries] 2
[try] 0
[pDO] array (
[pDOStatement] false
[state] '42S22'
[code] 1054
[message] 'Unknown column \'w.Participated\' in \'field list\''
[uex] array (

Can't find this one on the forums yet...


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