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Several questions about how to print logs in both application and plugin.

KunKun New

I found myself struggling at printing log while developing the code.

I have set below to true

  $Configuration['Garden']['Errors']['LogEnabled']  = TRUE;
  $Configuration['Garden']['Errors']['LogFile']  = 'log/error_log';

However, I examine both the vanilla and vanilla-docker folders and can't find the log file. Anyone know where does the error_log file locate? Or maybe I did something wrong?


AFAIK, Logger::debug() can not be used in plugin. May I know what is the recommended way to print log in the plugin?

Appreciate any information. Thanks.


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    pioc34pioc34 Pézenas ✭✭
    $Configuration['Garden']['Errors']['LogEnabled'] = true;
    $Configuration['Garden']['Errors']['LogFile'] = 'vanilla.log';

    i put this and log file is in the vanilla root folder

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    Thanks, @pioc34 ! As you pointed out, I can see the log printed in the vanilla.log file. I appreciate it very much!!

    With regards to the Plugins, do you have any idea of how to print logs or show debug message in Plugin while the application is running? I tried to utilise "errorLog()", which is working in the application, but not working in Plugin. I can't see any log printing out.

    Any direction or hint would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Welcome new Vanilla-developer! 😃

    Not sure about the problems with the Logger class, but I would use the helper function logMessage as it is described here: https://open.vanillaforums.com/discussion/26786/tutorial-how-to-enable-a-debug-log-and-collect-debugging-information

    logMessage(__FILE__, __LINE__, get_class($this), __METHOD__, 'YEAH', 'Whatever');

    This is the docblock describing the parameters:

    if (!function_exists('logMessage')) {
        * Logs errors to a file. This function does not throw errors because it is
        * a last-ditch effort after errors have already been rendered.
        * @param string $file The file to save the error log in.
        * @param int $line The line number that encountered the error.
        * @param string $object The name of the object that encountered the error.
        * @param string $method The name of the method that encountered the error.
        * @param string $message The error message.
        * @param string $code Any additional information that could be useful to debuggers.
       function logMessage($file, $line, $object, $method, $message, $code = '') {

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