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Can I move the Vanilla folder?

The current website goes straight to the message board, I want to have a random photo to appear when the users go to the site that they must click on to enter the site. In order to do this I'm assuming I must move the Vanilla folder from the root and edit the index.htm file right? My goal is for the transition to be seamless to the users, they may have to login again to reset the cookie at worst I'm hoping. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...


  • Yep that should work.

    Be sure to go into conf/settings.php and change anything pointing to your old url/path to the new one.

    Is this an advertising wall?
  • Is what an advertising wall? How do I backup everything just in case? Where in the path should the photo go?
  • edited October 2006
    My initial install was in a folder called "forum2"... I renamed it "forum" and made sure ANYTHING in the conf/settings.php file was changed from forum2 to forum and yet I still get this when I load my forum. Warning: main(/home/jamesme/public_html/dci/forum2/appg/headers.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/jamesme/public_html/dci/forum/appg/init_vanilla.php on line 15 on and on and on for like 20 pages each error pointing to different things in my install (database.php etc.) Any idea what went wrong?
  • Nevermind... I backed up my dbase, erased it, removed conf/settings.php and conf/database.php and reran the setup. I then replaced the SQL with my backup and all is well.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    For future reference (for anyone else who wants to do this), all you need to do is move all of your vanilla files wherever you want. Then open up and edit conf/settings.php. You will see a bunch of different path variables and urls. It should be pretty obvious what you need to change them to - most of the time it will just mean adding the new directory name to the end of the paths and urls. You need to do this for any paths you see there that relate to the path you are moving from.

    Doing this is a lot easier than doing a backup / reinstall.
  • I tried that method and it didn't want to work. Could just been me (I'm sick and in a Benadryl haze)
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    hahaha - benadryl, it'll get you every time :)
  • Hi Mark, I was able to successfully update the conf/settings.php file as you suggested. The URL I wanted is in place. However, the transition left Vanilla without styling, so I know I need to change path locations for the CSS as well. What file should I update to make the path change for the CSS dcouments? Thanks for your help, Enigmatix
  • Nevermind... Within Vanilla, I went into "Settings," "Themes & Styles," checked "Apply this style to all users," and hit save. That seemed to do the trick. Enigmatix
  • The paths you see in the settings.php are also inserted into the database. Changing settings.php is not enough.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    That's right. But Enigmatix did exactly the right thing by applying the style to all of the users - that updates the information stored in the database.

    Nice work!
  • Don't you have to update the routing settings as well or is the backend basically just a interface for settings.php?

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