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New styles: Tyco 1.0 and Tonka 1.0

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Tyco 1.0

You can preview this style on Lussumo's Community by putting in the change stylesheet field in your account preferences.


  • Simply lovely ... thanks a lot fellow ... but there is a little problem ... it looks bad on 800x600 ...
  • Hmm... Last time I did 8x6 was on whats now a 8 year old laptop ...

    ::Goes to check some numbers::

    16% are still at 8x6 !?!?

    And to think I felt it was cramped...

    I will release an alternative version for those 16%... if any users complain, you can install Custom Styles and tell them how/change it for them.
  • There's also a problem in Safari on OS X.

    When you roll-over the tabs a huge white box appears all the way to the top of the screen.

    Scared the life out of me. Not really, I'm big, butch, brave and a real man!
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    You get big white boxes with Opera 9 on Windows XP as well. And yeah, it's crazy how many are still at 800x600.
  • :-)

    Yah, those tabs are supposed to do that.

    I am really interested if the discussions grid and comments grid appear OK, as well as the paging links at the bottom. The rollover effect actually makes the link area larger than it was before the mouse was over it--like the Mac OS Dock, but without the gradual growth.

    Oh, and do the sticky/closed/bookmarked etc. captions show up?
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    The grid looks fine, and the paging links show up, the discussion lables aren't showing up though. Also, (looking at your screenshot) it looks like either the forum banner needs to be moved up, or the rest be moved down a few pixels. Although I am getting that offset with Opera, Firefox and IE, so I'm curious as to which browser you are using. :)

    A screenshot showing the discussion grid (you can't see the cursor, but I'm hovering over "account") using Opera 9. And another screenshot, this one of the pagelist at the bottom, cursor hovering over the '5'.
  • I get the same effect on the tabs as you see in firefox when I bump the font size down a notch. On 'normal' they line up OK.

    IE7 RC1 shows an gap between tabs and body on my machine, and opera seems to line up. My opera hides the sticky, bookmarked closed tags. I think it is setting a white background color on the discussion title, and thus hiding those labels.

    IE7 does not expand the bottom paging, deciding instead to have 2-pixel dots in each corner. It doesn't widen the top tabs as intended either.

    Will try to work around these in the next version... and try for a fluid layout, except the IE7 hover effects. They are just a nice useability enhancement.
  • Bjrn: Are these screenshots Firefox on a mac? The discussion labels show fine in my FF, are a bit faded in my IE7, and don't show at all in my Opera 9.
  • Both screenshots are Opera 9 on windows xp.
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    May I introduce Tonka:

    Preview avaliable with this URL:

    goodies: Variable width layout, fixes missing discussion labels in Opera.

    bjrn: Can you confirm that the tabs line up more consistently now? Tack så hemskt mycket!
  • Just previewed here on lussumo. Tonka is looking just fine with lined up tabs and disussion lables (sticky) showing. So that's great, thanks for the fix :) I previewed tyco again, but there didn't seem to be any change, but perhaps you haven't updated tyco on
  • Right. I will merge the fixes from Tonka into Tyco in the next day or two.

    Part of me wants to keep Tyco in a fixed-width, but another part wants to go with the flow...
  •  Quote: WallPhone  Yah, those tabs are supposed to do that.
    Well, if not for that I'd use that style.
  • edited October 2006
    If you want to be rid of it, remove the line that starts with border-top: 300px under #Header ul li a:hover, about line 65 in vanilla.css.

    One fun thing to do is make the two lines that define border color different--you can make a funnel-shaped tab, or give the tab PHB horns.

    You can also make the tab cover the page title instead of dropping behind it by raising the z-index above 10.
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