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Logo Help...

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Does this logo remind anyone of anything? (a website etc) I've just designed it in photoshop but Im sure it reminds me of some service on the web.


Basically I don't want to end up using something that is already out there, (I think Im going mad) maybe its nothing????


  • The color scheme reminds me of the BP logo. ;)

    BP Logo
  • Im not to bothered about the colours! (but I see what you mean) im more fussed about the fact that Im sure I've seen it before? I don't want to start using something and then find out its already used!
  • Reminds me of picture in picture in picture on an old round telly. But it doesn't remind me of any logo.
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    It looks quite familiar to me, but I can't think of exactly where. It sort of reminds be of the BBC Top of the Pops logo, but flipped and with rounded rectangles rather than circles.

  • Ah, it does *sort of* remind me of a logo - the colors with the shapes do it.
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    I think it reminded me of the microformats logo, but its not too similar, so I'll still use it! Although I might try a few different colours.

    Thanks for your help!
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    whilst Im here, what colour do you lot like the most: (I personally like the blue and the red)
  • Blue and purple. The deep red looks a bit wierd.
  • I like the green.
  • The logo is a bit generic looking to me...
  • well you can't get much more generic than 3 fullstops piled on top of each other. (thats all it is!)
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    blue :) But like 3stripe says, show it with a companyname or something... this "thingy" looks generic without it :)

    Also.. reminds me of a fingerprint.. would look nice on a securty company logo ;)
  • oh yeah don't worry (IF) i use it I will, I just created it and thought it looked quite good!

    thanks again.
  • Ah so it's not actually a logo yet... heheh that's cool then :)
  • to be honest, I don't like any of the color combos that much.
  • I'm with Mini, blue and purple
  • great logo, Jake! green and blue tho -the rest i would ditch in deep water ;)
  • Green & Blue are the easiest to look at...
  • please no more comments! your all confusing me!!
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