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Help with Vanilla on 1&1

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Hi, I'm pretty new to websites made without I would like to get vanilla set up on my 1&1 account. This account gives me full access to php and mysql. Anyway, I'm pretty lost, so can someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks a million, Greg Y P.S. I love how simple posting on a vanilla forum is!


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    Yah. goto, login, manage your package (not the sexual way), and manage your dbs. set up a new database, wait like... 15-20 minutes (ftp up the vanilla software to your server, get a drink, play with the dog, whatever) and then, goto, click install and insert the into the info you get from your new database (dbname, and pass, etc), then push ok. once its done, log in and have your way with her.

    Woot. A 1&1 user.
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    Thanks! I will give that a try tomorrow hopefully
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    garvin said:manage your package (not the sexual way)

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    OK, I'm lost I have created a new "vanilla" database, and have uploaded all of the vanilla files with wise-ftp, but i am having trouble figuring out what to do after that.... Remember, I'm a complete newbie :) Thanks, Greg
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    Just browse (in a web browser) to the folder where you uploaded vanilla and it will start the install script
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    I have tried that but all I am getting is error 404...any ideas? Thanks!
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    That means it cant find the files. Are you sure they all uploaded correctly and you put them in the right place?
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    Not there a certain setting in Wise possibly that I am missing?
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    Have you uploaded anything else to your web space and if so can you see it in a browser?
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    Well, I have a temporary home page up but that's it....should I try uploading some other things first? Thanks!
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    And you put the vanilla files into a folder in the same location as that temporary homepage?
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    I just rearranged some stuff and got it!!!! Thanks a million!
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    edited March 2011
    Hi, i'm a newbie in setting up a forum. I would like to setup vanilla on my german 1&1 account but did not got it to work. What i have done: i created a mysql database named vanilla with the 1&1 backend. Then i uploaded the vanilla folder to my webspace so it is now reachable like this If i point my browser to that address i got the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting '(' in /homepages/30/dxxxxxxx/htdocs/mysite/vanilla/bootstrap.php on line 71

    I have no idea what's wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

    many thanks
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    Got it to work by setting up a htaccess file
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    edited December 2011

    i'm baffled. i'm no geek. please, here are the details:

    1. i'm using the 1and1 MS Home package.

    2. i downloaded the vanilla .zip file, opened it, uploaded entire folder into same directory as my index.html file (root?)- anyway, same place i upload pages. so i now have a vanilla file folder (not the .zip).

    3. i created a db, and set permissions on three functions (as directed elsewhere).

    4. i went to my browser, entered (mysitename)/vanilla. got "website requires you to login". tried it with a slash after vanilla- same error message.

    5. i created an .htaccess file and uploaded that. then i noticed that there's an .htaccess file already inside vanilla folder (should i delete the one outside the folder now?).

    6. went to my db, i see i can import files to the db. do i need to import something?

    7. i watched an install video that said go to
      http://localhost/vanillaforums/index.php?p=dashboard/setup. got "internet explorer cannot display the webpage". it was supposed to launch an install wizard.

    okay- that's it. any suggestions? very grateful for any help.

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    where did you place the file relative to your www folder?

    is it www/[forum folder]/ or did you put all the files in www/

    depending just point your browser to

    http://[your web domain]/[forum folder]/

    http://[your web domain]/

    substituting [...] with your site specific locations.

    grep is your friend.

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    edited December 2011

    x00, thanks for replying. all files are inside folder "vanilla", which is located the same place as my index page (index.html).
    i tried browsing as you suggest, but all i get is "the page cannot be found".
    should i get rid of vanilla folder and upload all of its files separately? i'd read elsewhere that i have to preserve directory structure.
    here and there i keep seeing "Linux server" mentioned on the web as necessary.
    maybe i can't use MS Home for vanilla????

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