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Vanilla 2021.011 is now available

dbarbierdbarbier Moderator

Today marks the official release of Vanilla 2021.011.

There have been some important changes to Vanilla since Vanilla 3.0. They've been stated in recent release posts, but I'll echo them here:

  1. Vanilla requires at least PHP 7.2. Future versions of Vanilla will require PHP 7.4+.
  2. MySQL 5.7+ is required.
  3. Full-text indexes have been disabled by default. You can enable them by adding a Database.FullTextIndexing key to your config and setting it to true. Failure to do this before upgrading will result in your full-text database indexes being lost.

There's a long change log of fixes and features, spread across the RCs and recent "gold" releases. If you're curious, you can follow them:

  1. Vanilla 2021.009
  2. Vanilla 4.0 RC1
  3. Vanilla 2021.003 RC2
  4. Vanilla 2021.006
  5. Vanilla 2021.008

Last, but not least, there's Vanilla 2021.011! You can checkout its change log and download the pre-built package, over on GitHub.

This is a major upgrade from 3.3. Please follow our upgrading guide. If you experience any issues, please post specifics (exact error messages, screenshots, etc.).


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    I installed it successfully on LAMP. Sadly, Discussions and Categories are giving 404.

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    If you experience any issues, please post specifics (exact error messages, screenshots, etc.).

    I posted my issue in its own thread, but will post it here too. Hope that's okay.

    I installed this version locally first using WAMP, worked really great! But on our shared hosting I can't do anything on the page Settings -> Layout. I can't set homepage layout or any of the Foundation layouts. Trying to do so gives the following error:

    It seems to be only the Layout page. I'm unsure if it matters, but the local installation is using Windows while the shared hosting is Unix. Both are running the same PHP version and extensions. I enabled pretty URLs.

    Thank you in advance.

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    sunnelsonsunnelson Ho Chi Minh City New

    /dashboard/settings/layout doesn't work

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    thuexemayphuquocthuexemayphuquoc Cho thuê xe máy sân bay phú quốc New

    Banner Image lose after save

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