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How to pin threads in "My bookmarks" tab?

Hi Everyone,

I'm a user of some forum and I think there is missing some functionality in Vanilla forum. I wonder about threads in "My bookmarks" tab. I have more than 100 and there are 2 types of threads: 1. Those that I am interested in; and 2. Those that I am interested in more, even if no new entries appear in them up to date. Now they are mixed up with each other.

Is there a plugin that can pin threads in "My bookmarks" tab?

I searched all plugins to Vanilla forum, but I didn't find any that can pin threads at the top in "my bookmarks" tab. Maybe I skipped it. I installed Vanilla forum v 2.6.4. (at the moment I was unable to install the current version, due to the hosting I'm testing on. I will try to do test on the newest version as soon as possible) and trying to do some tests. I'm not a web developer and have just basic knowledge, simple websites with basic php.

If there is no such plugin I think the best solution is to make a new one based on "announcement" plugin, which already can pin thread at the top with admin rights, but in this case plugin should work also with members rights in "my bookmarks" area. I'm attach picture prepared in Photoshop as I imagine it more or less with buttons "pin it" and "pinned".

Thank you in advance for any advice how to manage with this topic. Kind regards, Dakti



  • KasparKaspar Moderator

    I'd use https://open.vanillaforums.com/profile/preferences

    to get notified about your discussions or discussion your commented on.

    Use Bookmark-star for other.

    Can't you get to install 3.x ?

  • Thank you @Kaspar for answer.

    I will do test on Vanilla 3.x too, but my current hosting have too low PHP ver. What exactly Vanilla version do you recommend?

    I am using notification, but I prefer to have all watched threads in "My Bookmarks". As you can see on attached picture I use stars to bookmark interesting thread, but I would like also to pin threads I'm interesting in more, to do not have to look for them on different subpages in "My Bookmarks". In my opinion the easiest way is to have ability to pin favorites threads at the top.

  • KasparKaspar Moderator

    The newest you can get.

    I absolutly get your idea. IDK how much it would take to create.

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