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Categories and Discussions Not Showing in Mobile Theme

Well I am back for some more help. I've got everything appearing to function but now my mobile theme is not showing discussions or categories.

I am thinking it may have something to do with the config file as I found this code for the main theme in config-default:

// Themes
$Configuration['Theme']['Banner']['VisibleSections'] = ["DiscussionList", "CategoryDiscussionList", "CategoryList", "NewEventList"];
$Configuration['Theme']['ContentBanner']['VisibleSections'] = ["Discussion", 'Drafts', 'Profile', 'PostDiscussion'];

Do I need something similar to make sections visible in the mobile theme?

If that is not it, any advice?


  • Back at it here... I have studied the config files and it just seems like the database in not connecting to the mobile side.

    What would cause the mobile theme not to read the database?

  • R_JR_J Admin

    That shouldn't/couldn't be a theme issue. In order to be super sure, I'd simply try out using the mobile theme as the "normal" theme and the other way around. Search your conf/config.php file for the following two lines:

    $Configuration['Garden']['Theme'] = 'your-desktop-theme-name';
    $Configuration['Garden']['MobileTheme'] = 'your-mobile-theme-name';

    There you can change the settings manually.

    There are people who have some strange server configurations which lead to permission problems, so that only admins can see discussions. Maybe that's your problem, too?

    By the way: it might be helpful to post a link to your site or tell us which themes you are using ;-)

  • raulleafraulleaf New
    edited July 2021

    I switched the mobile theme to ‘default’… and get the same result.

    I’ve got Cloudy running on the desktop (categories/discussion work) and ‘default’ running for mobile in config.

    The temp site is running here:




  • Would a non dedicated IP address cause any issues?

  • R_JR_J Admin

    Check your browser: I could see everything

  • Ok! Works in safari but not chrome mobile.

    What could cause it not to work in chrome? Could it be the SSL? They won’t give that certificate until the primary domain transfers.




  • Now that is weird. I signed out and it populates. I think I need to double check my profile settings…

    How trivial - don’t hold it against me if I boo-booed the migration data. Sigh. I’ve been viewing with admin log in on desktop and primary user name on mobile.

    Signed Out Chrome:

  • raulleafraulleaf New
    edited August 2021

    It appears that there are no user permissions in the migration database sent to me from Vanilla hosting... sigh...

    There are also no users (by row w/data) appearing in the "Manage User" dashboard however show "2040 users" above the typical user area.

    Wonder what needs to be toggled to get them to show up in the dashboard.

  • Best would be to install a clean version of Vanilla on your local machine so that you can compare the tables GDN_User, GDN_Role, GDN_UserRole and GDN_Permission of your online version with a clean setup.

    You might consider installing a fresh version of Vanilla on your online server just to see if there are general issues, not connected with the migration

  • I've kept backups of the original mysql database and did a table x table comparison for migration.

    The only user that appears to be able to see the categories/data is the admin account created with the install. I added a user to the site and it did not appear in the dashboard and once signed in that user also does not see any content.

    The permission data seems to self populate once a user logs in so that does not appear to be the issue.

  • There are people who have some strange server configurations which lead to permission problems, so that only admins can see discussions. Maybe that's your problem, too?

    Don't forget this. Admin and guests seeing different things than logged in users could either be a configured user role or that issue mentioned above.

  • How was this resolved? Or confirmed?

    My other admins can not see categories or discussions but if I provide a discussion url it is visible.

  • Appears I am running 2021.009. I will have to see if host will provide update.

    Seems to have fixed this users issues:



  • raulleafraulleaf New
    edited August 2021

    Weirdest thing just happened. I decided to create a test category to see if my test user could see it. Once I created it - my test user can see it and my old user name can see it. Now one of my admins confirmed they could see everything.


  • Have you checked roles and permissions are set up correctly?

    If you PM me the login for your phpMyAdmin, I would take a look.

  • You already found the discussion for it. Upgrading PHP to another version or switching from Lighttp to another web server solved the issue, but as far as I know nobody was able to fix it with some punctually actions.

    What is your server configuration?

  • Everything is working as it should… Seems like a category had to be created in order for a file to write permissions or something. Once that category was created everything populates now.

    I had only imported categories from old forum and had truncated the original table.

    Is there logic to that?

  • Well now members can't post. Is there a way to reset the cache for permissions?

  • OK, I fixed that. Everything appears to be working now. I really think its a cache issue; where if a script doesn't get executed the information isn't updated. I am just a newbie though.

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