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Make me a theme

If anyone is interested in making my theme please send me PM with quote.


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    Version 2021.012

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    Can anyone with experience making themes give me an overview of what it would take to make this GUI? As I believe the functions already exist but they must be called to display on GUI. Functions for badges, avatars, points system, rank/titles, up down vote all already exist.

    Can someone give me an example breakdown of how many hours it could take to make the design and make everything visible functional?

    What type of frontend and backend work needs to be done?

    Here is a list of my requirements:

    1. GUI should match exactly

    2. Search at top right must be working

    3. Top right lists top ranking users in thread (auto update)(with avatar, name, title, badge, points)

    4. Below right lists all users in thread (auto update)(with avatar, name, title, badge, points)

    5. Center Top shows name of the Thread in title bar

    6. Center shows messages in the tread. (with user avatar, name, posts on left)(up and down vote button on right with number of votes center of arrows)

    7. Center bottom shows new posting text box

    8. Left Top shows user name, number of posts, settings button, Karma total, crona total, manna total

    9. Left Center shows listing of threads order by latest posting

    10. Left Bottom shows add Room (Thread) button

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Very, very, very hard if it must look exactly like that and offer all that functionality.

    Only the look: you can ask an experienced web designer to build it from e.g. theme-boilerplate. An we designer should have no problems with that. But you might need somebody who is able to override a view if what is needed cannot be achieved with css only

    Functionality: oh boy,... you will need the plugin YAGA for badges and user points.

    Not sure if there is a functional up and down voting plugin. Shouldn't be that hard to get one of the existing to work with the current version.

    Not sure if there is a working karma plugin.

    No idea what crona and manna is - there's surely no plugin offering that.

    I don't dare to estimate hours. But you should have the budget to pay a developer at least for two weeks. But you would also need to pay a designer to rebuild that theme and to implement all those features that the developer needs to implement which I guess would take very, very long, too

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    Hi R_J thanks for reply.

    Karma is reaction points used in Yaga. We just rename it on the GUI. We already change the reactions in yaga to be up down arrows equal to +1 or -1.

    There is no chat feature, its just that we renamed the threads as rooms. Its basically moving everything around and making functions that already exist show in the designated places.

    I am not a programmer but I expect the programmer will need php skill to connect front end and backend.

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    phreakphreak Vanilla*APP (White Label) & Vanilla*Skins Shop MVP

    Hi @aepel. Send me a private message with your budget for theming Vanilla OS Core and the plugins you need.

    • VanillaAPP | iOS & Android App for Vanilla - White label app for Vanilla Forums OS
    • VanillaSkins | Plugins, Themes, Graphics and Custom Development for Vanilla
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