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What Addon/Plugin would you like to have so bad?

Hey there,

A few years back, I guess in 2018 I'd installed Vanilla to start a new niche platform after I sold my long time Vbulletin forum.

Unfortunately, I had to take it down in less than a month, because it was supposed to be for vloggers, and the friends I thought would participate in the project got busy with other stuffs.

Anyway, the long story short, I've re-brought it from the dead and upgraded it to the latest release, and started customizing its Theme, and it's in Arabic, and if you wanna have a look, make sure you're using the Desktop view on your mobile, or just check it out using a Laptop/Desktop: gafdal.com

Also, make sure to refresh the page if you opened it in a mobile device after you set the Desktop view to see the customizations. Oh, it's in RTL too since Arabic is written from Right to Left just like Persian, Hebrew, Farsi...etc

As a web developer, I want to contribute to the community, while it'll help me build a good platform out of it as well, so I'd like to know what are the most sought after features/addons/plugins you'd like to have on Vanilla?

I still have a VB license, but for the love of God I couldn't get myself to use an archaic piece of software that has decided to be anti-customization and non-developer-friendly regardless of how stable and mature it is.

I was tempted to get XenForo, but in all honesty Vanilla just stunned me by its speed and how lightweight it is in browsers, and the mere fact of being OpenSource sums it all up.

So, here is the deal, I will provide the Addon free of charge, all I need to know is the consensus of what should be prioritized, especially if you have a well established community, and you really came to the need of a certain feature to serve your clients best.

Let's see if anyone would be interested in this offer.

I'll give it the whole Month of Jan 2022 to decide by the end of it what should I work on.

Thanks for your time if you're still reading up to here :)



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