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I have an idea but I don't know how to implement it

The idea of a verified account plugin, for example, as in insta or vkontakte. As I said, I do not know the programming language, maybe someone will take note!


  • pitkmipitkmi scifi-meshes.com

    Here's a couple of quick ideas for hacking something together without coming up with a new plugin:

    Role Title addon

    You could probably hack something together using the Role Title addon, if you're not using it for anything else. Basically you could just have a Verified role (with a unicode checkmark ✓ and everything if you want) and just dish them out to members from the Dashboard.

    Issues: Other roles will also show up, So you'll have a bunch of Members and whatever other roles your forum has. If that is an issue, it should be pretty easy to get around, but will probably need a little coding.

    Profile Extender addon

    Profile Extender (included in the core) might work. Add a simple field for Verified.

    Issues: Getting it to show on actual posts is a little tricky. I actually have a simple custom plugin for that. Permissions will be an issue. I don't think Profile Extender has its own permissions, so you'll probably need to remove Edit Profile permissions from members. Otherwise they could just verify themselves. Probably need to mess with the code to address the issue.

    YAGA + YagaDiscussionHeaderBadges

    You could use the Badges feature from Yaga and another addon to display it on posts. Just set up a badge that you have to give out manually, make it look like a checkmark and then hand them out to verified members. The other addon will make it show up in the discussions themselves.

    Issues: If you're using badges already, verified ones will get buried in the other stuff, so this would limit the badges you can hand out somewhat. Might not be an issue at all, if you're not using them for anything else.

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