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FCKeditor Issue



  • sorry for the mess? ... thanks for your time dude ;D

    all it needs now to be an unbeatable editor is the ability to add/handle polls/votes and to add hints and just to remember, hints are just a better and cleaner way to write longer content into (brackets)'s.

    i'm really looking foward to get this upgrade soon. (the new IPB 2.2 has an integration now for hints .. but they call it different)
  • i guess i can make a hints button. i'll look into how to do that. if i find something then i'll do it.
  • Excellent work...

    Everything seems to be up and running correctly. Exept for a few things:

    Quote isn't working.. (I thinkit may be because it's doing the wuote insertion, but it is inserting the quote into the original input box which seems to be hidden, instead of into the new fckeditor input box.

    Seems like googiespell might be doing the same thing because it's never returning corrections despite purposeful misspellings.

    But, the editor, user tooltip, all working great.

    Thanks for the hard work, it's appreciated.


  • googiespell doesn't work anyway. So i'm not going to bother making it work with fckeditor
    Use Ajaxquote, there is a patch here. apply it and it will work with fckeditor

    I really need to create a new thread with all these patches flowing around.
  • I had googiespell working before adding fck, but I'm happy to trade googiespell for fckeditor anyday.

    As fas as that thread you posted: I see a bunch of code, but can't for the life of me figure out what goes where. It looks like I have to add another .js file to the fckeditor folder?
  • Sorry, jumped the gun a bit.

    Got the quote function to work. Thanks!
  • a_ja_j
    edited October 2006
    is there any way to get this extension to work in IE?

    Everything comes up, but you can't enter anything into the text area... Tried IE 6 & 7.



    Error on Page (browser warning)

    Line: 42 Char: 33 Error: "FCK.EditorDocument.selection' is null or not an object Code: 0 URL:

  • why can't i access that url
  • because it's a private forum...

    It happens on my testing server, too I think. But apache jsut went down for no reason, so OI have to fugure out wtf is going on with that first.. :(
  • >i guess i can make a hints button. i'll look into how to do that. if i find something then i'll do it.

    The Description (login: test , pw: test)
    The BBCode (Just a way to show the output possibilty)

    i think this is the only way i know to get also customized hints with a css style
  • Same problem for me -- works excellent in Firefox but not in IE: there's no text area to write text in.
  • hmm, I tried uploading the latest extension code. I believe I turned off all of the possible extensions that may interfere with it like the html formatter. When I turned on this extension - the whole message board vanished. I had to rename the directory to bring it back.
  • And asif by magic! Sorry i dont have anything useful to input here. It's been a long(ish, actually quite short but it feels long) day and that made me giggle.
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